Thursday, November 17, 2011


A Place to Die is quite the read, highly recommended.”
- Midwest Book Review

“The wonderful debut volume in a new series of literary detective novels, introducing the sweetly charming Viennese detective, Inspector George Buchner, the cheerful Eleanor Fabian (a would-be English/American Miss Marple), and her irritable and irritated husband Franz. It's a page-turner, yes, but you wouldn't want to turn the pages of this book TOO quickly: the prose is too lovely, the psychological insights too interesting, and the comic scenes are too funny to want to rush through it.”

“This novel does what a good murder mystery should: it keeps your head turning from one direction to another as you try to piece together the real story, only to fail. What sets it apart is that it also achieves what many murder mysteries don't: solid characterizations that humanize the various players and bring them to life.”
- Stimulated Outlet Book Reviews

“For mystery readers who look for a good deal of psychological insight along with an involving plot, A Place to Die will be a real find. Dorothy James has created a police inspector who leaves the reader wanting more. She has a good deal to say on the psychology of aging, plus she includes some very astute observations on the way couples interact. And if that weren't enough, this reader learned some Austrian history along the way. I do hope we haven't seen the last of Georg Büchner.”

“If you love murder mysteries with a touch of nostalgia, humor, wit and sadness, then you need to buy a copy of Dorothy James' novel, A Place to Die. It has become one of my favorites and I cannot wait until the second book in this series is published.”
- Literary R & R

“Easily one of the best mystery books I have read in a while. I hope we can see the Inspector in future books!”
- The Book Review

A Place to Die is a beautifully written mystery with an unexpected wit and honesty in the narrative and skillfully realized characters in a unique setting. This is a unique literary mystery that is a wonderful read.”
- Book’d Out Book Reviews

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